Star: Betelgeuse

When you look at the night sky, and search for the Orion constelation, you may be able to see the gem that's called Betelgeuse. As silly as the name sounds, it's usually the 10th brightest star period and the 2nd in the Orion itself (just after Rigel). Being roughly 800 times as large as our Sun, this flickering giant lives approximately 600ly away and is destined to die young.

Fascinating phenomenon that's been observed on it is that it started to dim noticeably. This ocurred around Oct 2019 till Feb 2020. Throughout this time, Betelgeuse's brilliance dropped by more then 2/3 of its previous luminosity, downgrading it on a scale of visibilty way down, almost to the point where it's not visible to human eye. Thankfully, it's shine started to go up again. It is speculated that the reason behind this was a huge dust cloud that covered a portion of the star.

What's more interesting is it's life expectancy. Being a red supergiant evolved from O-type star, when this baby goes it's going to go with a bang. As it is a high mass star, it burns it's fuel extremely quickly, having to live only for a couple million years (for comparison, our sun lives for 4.5 billion years as of now). It's this fact that makes this star so special, and so unique, as we are able to witness a true dying giant, burning away faster then any close star.