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Who am I?

Well then. Without going into some philosophical crap, I can try to describe myself. I'm a student at [ARBITRARY UNIVERSITY] at faculty of [ARBITRARY CS FACULTY]. I got cursed with speech disorder that makes me stutter. It made me quite shy (altought that may be excuse, more then a reason), but being around reasonable people makes me semi-reasonable myself. I try to live by a certain saying: Everytime you meet someone, judge them. Everytime someone does something wrong, say it to them. But everytime you discover something about yourself, keep it to yourself. If you share something about yourself, make absolutely sure that it's true and that it will remain true. I know people tend to change, but they also tend to belive that others will not. But I'm not some wise man, I'm just sharing what I learned from my fragile social interactions. Still got into philosophical crap...ah well.

My capabilities

I really like to tweak around with Linux systems, write small programs, and a bit of math on top of that. Proof of this is the fact that I'm writing this on vim neovim on my majestic Thinkpad X200/X1 Carbon with Slackware 14.2 Debian/Fedora installed on it. I should really stop distro-hopping. Other than that, I have a few amateur-ish projects written mostly in C, C++ and some other languages such as PHP, JavaScript and Python. I tried to write in C# at one point (due to a possible job opportunity), but it got me horrifed and I realized it's not for me...the language as well as the job. Also, as a member of a DevOps team, I started to work with Ansible. I find it quite amazing. I'm not a huge fan of all the Python monopoly, but this project really hits the spot with server deployment. Docker is also nice, altought it's learning curve is more like a wall then a curve. As you can see, my web dev abilities are very limited (please no looking at source), even though I enjoyed writing this page.

What do I like?

Well, ofcourse I like all my friends as they constantly keep up with my crap and because they allow me to keep up with their crap. Enjoying a time with friends over some video game can be very enjoyable, but nothing beats meeting up and having a blast together. (#COVIDHATE) And surely I love to code something, while listening to latest music my mind desires. What genre you ask? Only god would know. It ranges from Shoegaze through Lo-fi to Metal. But I'm no alien, so a nice book, rainy weather, some warm beverage and a cat on my lap will always make my day better. As for my hobbies, lately I've been getting interested in stars and universe in general. It's amazing how big and wonderfull the universe can be, and how tiny and insignificant we are. Some may call it a passion. I'm not so sure about it yet, but we'll see where it goes. Oh yea, and for the more cultured of you...I love Lain